Zack Cooper on CBS Radio

Zack Cooper on CBS Radio: The Social Value of Widespread COVID Testing

May 18, 2020
In an interview on CBS Radio, health economist Zack Cooper exhorts the value of everyone getting tested for Covid-19 for the economy to successfully re-open. He breaks down...
Zack Cooper on Freakonomics

How Do You Reopen a Country?

April 30, 2020
Listen to Zack Cooper on the latest episode of Freakonmics. He discusses the ramping up Covid-19 testing, market failures, supply chain problems, and collaborating with...
Bellevue Hospital

Zack Cooper Explains the Economics of Hospital Beds

April 6, 2020
On a Planet Money podcast, NPR takes a close look at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the country that has throughout history dealt with outbreaks...

Zack Cooper’s Study on Out-of-Network Charges Featured on NPR

January 9, 2020
NPR’s On Point features Zack Cooper’s and Fiona Scott Morton’s new research in a report, “Surprise Medical Bills Generated by Out-of-Network Doctors at In-Network Hospitals...
Paper on Out-of-Network Billing

Cooper and Scott Morton Paper on Out-of-Network Payments

December 17, 2019
Zack Cooper and Fiona Scott Morton have a new paper in Health Affairs, “Out-Of-Network Billing And Negotiated Payments For Hospital-Based Physicians.” See Mike Cummings...

The Research on Hospital Mergers

September 10, 2019
The American Hospital Association (AHA) released a commissioned study last week citing evidence that hospital mergers and acquisitions reduced patient costs and improved care...
Emergency Departments Surprise Billing

Legislation on Surprise Medical Billing

July 9, 2019
In a story on NPR’s Marketplace about patients who receive surprise medical bills for unknowingly using out-of-network doctors in the emergency room,  Zack Cooper explains...