1% solution to medical costs

Cooper & Scott Morton's 1% Solution

February 24, 2021
“A 1% inefficiency in the health care system is about what we’d be spending to give universal pre-k to the entire country.” Zack Cooper & Fiona Scott Morton’s new...

Congress Acts to Spare People from Surprise Medical Bills

December 23, 2020
Within the 5,600-page bill that providing COVID-19 economic relief, Congress passed legislation that addressed the long-running practice of surprise billing, where out-of-...
vaccine rollout with Howard Forman

Vaccine Rollout with Howard Forman (Podcast)

December 1, 2020
Yale Dr. Howard Forman says he’s optimistic about the timeline of a Covid-19 vaccine rollout in a podcast with Bloomberg News. Listen here. 
Covid 19 vaccines distribution

How Fast and Well We Distribute the COVID Vaccine

November 23, 2020
Jason Schwartz and co-authors in an op-ed for USA Today outline the best ideas for distributing the Covid-19 vaccines.  Based on a new study this team recently did using “a...

Interview with Jason Schwartz in NEJM

October 29, 2020
An interview with Dr. Jason Schwartz on processes for determining the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine candidates and for distributing vaccines in New England Journal...
on hospital consolidation

GOP Introduces Bill Clamping Down on Hospital Consolidation

August 26, 2020
A 2018 study conducted by Zack Cooper found that prices at monopoly hospitals were 12% higher than those in markets with four or more rivals. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.)...
Berry & Cooper on the Covid economy

Berry & Cooper: To Save the Economy, Stop the Pandemic

July 10, 2020
Steve Berry and Zack Cooper propose that the government should dramatically increase Covid spending because it is cost effective in the long run and will get the economy...