Abaluck's study on Mask effectiveness

Jason Abaluck Leads Study on Mask Effectiveness

September 8, 2021
Jason Abaluck lead a new research looking at the efficacy of wearing surgical masks in preventing Covid. He and his team  (Laura Kwong, Steve Luby, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak and...

The Untamed Rise of Hospital Monopolies

July 22, 2021
In an interview with NPR’s Planet Money, Zack Cooper acknowledges how important hospitals are to the American economy and that they do good things, save lives, and...
Zack Cooper & Fiona Scott Morton Win NIHCM

Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton Win 2021 NIHCM Award

April 21, 2021
Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton, and Nathan Shekita won the 2021 NIHCM award for their paper “Surprise! Out-of-Network Billing for Emergency Care in the United States,”...

Jason Schwartz on 'Face the Facts' Discusses the J&J Vaccine

April 19, 2021
Jason Schwartz from the Yale School of Public Health Dept. of Policy and Management joins NBC CT’s Face the Facts to discuss the pause on the Johnson & Johnson...
Zack Cooper on Freakonomics

Is Dialysis a Test Case of Medicare for All?

April 12, 2021
Zack Cooper, back on Freakonomics podcast, talks about the perverse incentives and opaque practices around end-stage renal disease.  t’s easier to make money taking advantage...
Zack Cooper on Freakonomics

How to Fix the Hot Mess of U.S. Healthcare

April 8, 2021
Zack Cooper talks to Stephen Dubner on Freakonomics about the current mess of our health care costs.   I think the challenge, which makes it hard to address, is that there...
paper on MRI price transparency

Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton Paper on MRI Price Transparency

March 2, 2021
Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton, Michael Chernew, and Eugene Larsen Hallock publish “Physician Agency, Consumerism, and the Consumption of Lower-Limb MRI Scans” in Journal of...