ISPS Health at Yale launched in 2013 and is comprised of over three dozen faculty from across the university. Our goal is to bring scholars from across Yale together to create an environment that can improve health, strengthen health care systems, and enhance the way health care is delivered.

Zachary Cooper

In addition to helping produce evidence that can inform policy, we connect Yale scholars to the outside world, and help educate the next generation of health policy leaders. ISPS Health holds academic seminars throughout the year, making data available to Yale scholars, and serving as a portal to show what’s happening in health policy across campus.

Zack Cooper, Director, ISPS Health at Yale


Marck Schlesinger's New Paper on Low-Value Healthcare

April 11, 2017
Mark Schlesinger (and co-author Rachel Grob) recently published a paper in Milbank Quarterly, ”Treating, Fast and Slow: Americans’ Understanding of and Responses to Low-Value...

Abbe Gluck Writes in Vox on the Fundamental Philosophy of our Health Care

March 6, 2017
Abbe Gluck, professor of law and faculty director of the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law, writes “America Needs to Decide: Is Health Care Something We...

Adam Chekroud's Study on Personalized Treatment for Depression

March 2, 2017
Adam Chekroud, a doctoral student in the Yale Department of Psychology and an ISPS Graduate Policy fellow, is the lead author of a new paper “Trajectories of Relapse in...

Jaspers, Krumholz Op-Ed: Paying to Get Your Medical Data Isn't Right

January 30, 2017
This recent op-ed ”Copy Fees and Limitation of Patients’ Access to Their Own Medical Records” just published in JAMA and written by Harlan Krumholz and former ISPS Director...

New Study by Desai, Ross, et al. on Reducing Hospital Readmissions

January 10, 2017
Financially penalizing hospitals for too many readmissions is more likely to reduce readmissions.  A new paper, “Association Between Hospital Penalty Status Under the...