ISPS Health at Yale launched in 2013 and is comprised of over three dozen faculty from across the university. Our goal is to bring scholars from across Yale together to create an environment that can improve health, strengthen health care systems, and enhance the way health care is delivered.

Zachary Cooper

In addition to helping produce evidence that can inform policy, we connect Yale scholars to the outside world, and help educate the next generation of health policy leaders. ISPS Health holds academic seminars throughout the year, making data available to Yale scholars, and serving as a portal to show what’s happening in health policy across campus.

Zack Cooper, Director, ISPS Health at Yale


New Paper: "A Call for Value in Cancer Research"

November 13, 2015
A new paper written by Cary Gross, MD (Yale School of Medicine and COPPER) and Ezekiel Emanuel MD (University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine) finds that the huge amount...

New Study on Banning E-Cigs to Minors

November 2, 2015
A new study published in the Journal of Health Economics, led by Assistant Professor Abigail Friedman at Yale’s School of Public Health, found that in the states that...

Behavioral Economics: Sindelar's Study on Cigarette Pack Size

October 2, 2015
A new study by Jody Sindelar and co-author Joaquin Marti (University of Leeds)  finds that smaller cigarette packs may help some smokers cut down or refrain from smoking. ...

A Study on the Quality of Clinical Trial Evidence

September 17, 2015
A new paper published in JAMA, “Clinical Trial Evidence Supporting FDA Approval of Novel Therapeutic Agents, 2005-2012,” looks at the safety and effectiveness of newly...

Ted Marmor on the Buying and Selling of Health Care

August 12, 2015
Ted Marmor and co-author Robert Gordon publish “Commercial Pressures on Professionalism in American Medical Care: From Medicare to the Affordable Care Act” in a special...