ISPS Health at Yale launched in 2013 and is comprised of over three dozen faculty from across the university. Our goal is to bring scholars from across Yale together to create an environment that can improve health, strengthen health care systems, and enhance the way health care is delivered.

Zachary Cooper

In addition to helping produce evidence that can inform policy, we connect Yale scholars to the outside world, and help educate the next generation of health policy leaders. ISPS Health holds academic seminars throughout the year, making data available to Yale scholars, and serving as a portal to show what’s happening in health policy across campus.

Zack Cooper, Director, ISPS Health at Yale


New ISPS Research on Healthcare Spending and Politics

September 13, 2017
A new ISPS collaborative research study by Zack Cooper, Amanda Kowalski, Eleanor Powell and Jennifer Wu looks at the revolving door of health care politics. Published as a ...

Starting Opioid Treatment in Hospital is Cost Effective: Research by Susan Busch, David Fiellin et al.

August 16, 2017
New research by Susan Busch, David Fiellin et al. finds that the most cost-effective treatment for people with untreated opioid addiction who visit hospital emergency rooms...

Jacob Hacker on Bringing Medicare into the Exchanges

August 9, 2017
In an opinion piece in Health Affairs, Jacob Hacker, Gerard Anderson, and Paul Starr publish, “Making the Exchanges More Competitive by Bringing Medicare into the Fold.”  The...

Abbe Gluck Discusses the Future of Obamacare Subsidies

August 2, 2017
On Bloomberg Radio,  Abbe Gluck, along with Timothy Jost discuss the future of Obamacare subsidies after Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said that “no decision...

New Study by Zack Cooper, Fiona Scott Morton Exposes the Costs of Out-of-Network Billing

July 24, 2017
In a new ISPS working paper*,  “Surprise! Out-of-Network Billing for Emergency Care in the United States”,  Zack Cooper and co-authors Fiona Scott Morton and Nathan Shekita,...